Sunday, 25 January 2015

The Bucket List

I've never been one for keeping New Year resolutions. I tend to either make too many that I never keep, or ones that are too difficult to achieve in a year. That's why I decided to start a bucket list instead. Rather than giving myself a year to complete a set of random resolutions- I would make a list of the goals I want to achieve throughout my life. Hence the bucket list. While it's no where near finished, I am pretty happy with the goals I've added so far, so thought I'd share them with you.

1. Visit Haddon Hall where Jane Eyre was filmed
2. Ride a Tandem bike
3. Visit Skagen and stand in two seas at the same time
4. Write a book
5. Dance with Tom Hiddleston
6. Make a British guard laugh
7. Kiss at Cinderella's castle in Disney
8. Watch movies in a home-made fort
9. Run a marathon
10. Get drunk with Benedict Cumberbatch
11. Visit Ireland
12. See a Broadway musical
13. Backpack through Europe
14. Go to Times Square
15. Visit Pixar Studios
16. Watch the sun set at the beach
17. Attend a masquerade ball
18. Float in the dead sea
19. Take a photo everyday for a year
20. Eat a pizza with Jennifer Lawerance
21. Watch the sun rise on the beach
22. Add a lock to the love lock bridge in Paris
23. Slow dance in the rain
24. Kiss someone at the top of the Eiffel Tower
25. Write a letter on Juliet's wall in Verona
26. Visit the Walk of Fame
27. Participate in a colour run
28. Ride a Gondola in Venice
29. Travel to Italy
30. Take a picture by the Hollywood sign
31. Go to an Ed Sheeran concert
32. Visit the Sherlock Holmes museum
Completed 17/1/15
33. Buy a micro pig
34. Get pit tickets to a Taylor Swift concert
35. Be in a TV studio audience
36. Visit New York around Christmas
37. Get a tattoo
38. Drink coffee and eat croissants in a cafe in Paris
39. Have a camp-fire on the beach
40. Buy a book from the Shakespeare and co. bookshop in Paris
41. Holiday in a cottage by the beach
42. Make French toast for breakfast
43. Read the entire adventures of Sherlock Holmes
44. Grow my hair to my waist
45. Go back to Amsterdam and visit the Anne Frank house again
46. Visit Auschwitz
47. Play twister with paint
48. Stargaze in a field 
49. Own my own apartment 
50. Take pictures in a photo booth  Completed 19/12/14
51. Give my favourite book to a stranger
52. Buy a meal for a homeless person
53. Live in another country
54. Dance in the kitchen whilst making breakfast pancakes
55. Bake with Taylor Swift
56. Eat at the 'Be our guest' restaurant at Disney world
57. Have a paint fight
58. Attend a movie première
59. Visit Abbey Road and recreate the Beatles cover
60. Make a wish at the Trevi fountain in Rome
61. Spend a night at the Savoy Hotel
62. Learn the 'Thinking out Loud' dance
63. Fly business class
64. Start a blog and keep it
65. Keep a journal for a year
66. Take up running and stick to it
67. See the Nutcracker performed live at Christmas time
68. Keep a scrapbook for a year
69. Drive over Brooklyn bridge
70. Drive in a sports car with the top down
71. Road-trip coast to coast
72. Watch the Victoria Secret Fashion Show live
73. Find a pen pal to exchange letters with
74. Learn how to do a cartwheel and a handstand
75. Try a yoga class
76. Own a free-standing bath
77. Take up dance lessons
78. Try Churros 
79. Make 'open when' letters for someone
80. Sit on a rooftop
81. Find a regular coffee shop where I can order 'the usual' and people will know what it is
82. Make someone a mixtape
83. Own floor to ceiling bookshelves with a sliding ladder
84. Work at Disneyland as a Disney princess

So, there are the goals I have so far. I was originally going to make a list of 100, but I think I would rather just add to the list throughout my life as I think of more goals I would like to complete. Do you have bucket list's? If so what is your number one thing to do before you die?